Xbox Designers Review the PS4

By Gary Cutlack on at

Design studio Teague helped create the look of the original Xbox among many real-world classics like the Pringles tube and the interiors of many Boeing aeroplanes. Now its current staff have offered their review of Sony's PS4 architecture.

In a lengthy discussion of PS4's design merits over at Fast Company, Teague staff members John Mabry and Roger Jackson seem rather impressed by some elements of Sony's new machine and untainted by their company's previous association with Microsoft. The pair claim the revised DualShock4 controller feels hefty and is "not light and toy-like like the previous generation," plus the look and scale of the pad help it "feel just right" according to the current generation of designers.

However, being arty types, they moan that there's a "fundamental design disconnect between the controller and the PS4 console," due to the angular box not really matching up to the curved controller. Although they like how the angular lines add "visual interest and energy to the form," they ponder whether that's a good choice for something that'll sit alongside other boxes in the lounge. So perhaps they are secretly siding with Microsoft's boring box aesthetic after all. [Fast Company via Kotaku]