"Xbox On" Kinect Voice Command Boots Up Xbox One Console "Faster Than You Can Find Your Controller"

By Gerald Lynch on at

Whether you see it as Hal 2.0 or the future of game console control, Microsoft's second-generation Kinect sensor is an unavoidable, baked-in part of the Xbox One experience. And, with just days to go until the console launches, Microsoft is working hard to prove that its benefits outweigh any spy-tool conspiracy claims.

Xbox's mouthpiece Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb, gets to work showing off just one of the cool features at the Kinect's disposal. Saying "Xbox On" to the Kinect sensor sees the machine boot up in double-quick time, "faster than you can find your controller" states Hyrb on his Instagram page. Don't believe him? Check out the feature in action in the clip below. [Instagram]