You Have to Really Love Batman to Use This Absurd iPhone Tumbler Case

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Most smartphone cases strive to provide as much protection for your device as possible without adding too much bulk or extra weight. But that's not the approach Bandai has taken with this monstrosity. Squarely targeted at die hard Batman fans, this case is a perfect replica of the Tumbler Batmobile featured in Christopher Nolan's films, but designed to protect your iPhone, not the Dark Knight.

It's not all flash, though. This case will certainly protect your phone from drops, bumps, and Hollywood calibre super-villain capers. It's also got a set of extra glowing LEDs so it's easier to find your phone in the dark, and the front wheels extend and retract so you have access to the phone's lock button and other functionality. There's little chance it will squeeze into your pocket, but should be just fine for a well-equipped utility belt.

You Have To Really Love Batman To Use This Absurd iPhone Tumbler Case

At £35 it's not the most expensive case on the market either. In fact, you definitely don't need to have inherited a monstrous corporation to afford one. But if the price tag has you debating whether or not it's really worth it, consider this: instead of a flame blasting out of the back, the case features a tiny torch that projecting the bat symbol. Who could pass that up? [Bandai via Damn Geeky]

You Have To Really Love Batman To Use This Absurd iPhone Tumbler Case