12 of the Best Nexus 7 Cases to Protect Your Mini Android Tablet

By Spencer Hart on at

We loved the first 7-inch Nexus tablet, and the second iteration improved on that already-winning formula, as you can read in our review. There are plenty of cases on the market for the 2013 Nexus 7 so I've rounded up twelve, yes twelve! of the finest cases.


1.) DODOcase Folio

I love DODOcase, they produce stylish, hand-crafted cases using traditional bookbinding techniques. Okay, this case is ridiculously expensive. But the quality and craftsmanship (almost) warrant it. If you're a millionaire and think handwritten notes aren't dead yet, this is the perfect case for you. [Buy the DODOcase Folio for £99.99]


2.) ASUS Premium Cover

ASUS have made two cases for the Nexus 7. This premium case offers all-round protection and a wealth of other features such as auto wake/sleep, a microfiber lining and it also supports different viewing angles. Plus it comes with a trendy designer logo on the front, letting people know you're doing well in life. [Amazon]


3.) Minisuit Bluetooth Keyboard Cover

The Nexus 7 is the perfect travel tablet -- it's small, lightweight and you can keep all of your documents in the cloud. One thing that makes it sub par in this category is the on-screen keyboard, as some people seem to hate it. If you have that problem, this case offers a physical keyboard to smash away at. [Amazon]


4.) iBallz

Like to throw your tablet around like it's a rugby ball? Providing your Nexus 7 with 360 degree drop protection, this case also acts as a stand, protects your device from liquid spills and creates a more ergonomic grip (apparently). Seriously, put this case on your tablet, drop it from head height, close your eyes, try not to scream, open your eyes and find your tablet still in one piece. [Amazon]


5.) Proporta BeachBuoy

The Nexus 7 is an excellent tablet to take on holiday and read by the pool. But what if you want to read in the pool? Purchase this case by Proporta of course. Waterproof to a depth of 5 meters, this case is perfect if you plan to do some underwater reading and tweet about what a great time you're having. [Amazon]


6.) MoKo Slim Fit Cover

Commuting is another situation the Nexus 7 is suited to. If you regularly find yourself with only one hand free on the tube, then this MoKo cover features a hand strap, allowing you to read without the constant fear of dropping your precious device. [Amazon]


7.) DODOcase HARDcover

Another DODOcase, this time at a much more affordable price. Still handmade, and still great quality. This case looks really smart and can even be customised with your initials embossed on the front. An ideal Christmas present. Available with a red, blue or black lining. [Amazon]


8.) Armel Vintage Case

Attempt to fool fellow commuters into thinking you're highly educated and well-read with this vintage book case. Just don't get caught playing Candy Crush; that wasn't invented in the 1800s. Available in black, brown, cyan, pink, purple and red. [Amazon]


9.) TabZoo Universal

Maybe you've bought your child a Nexus 7 for Christmas (or you have an inner child that's waiting to be released). Have a bit of fun with your case, by pretending it's eating your device each time you put it away. Available in crocodile, lion, tiger and panda designs. [Amazon]


10.) ElecShield

These cases are only £2.99! Go buy several, now! They may be cheap but they offer a good selection of colours, look great and did we mention they're just £2.99?! [Amazon]


11.) ASUS Travel Cover

This is the second case ASUS offers for the Nexus 7. With all-round protection in a great selection of colours, they're simple, and durable.[Amazon]


12) Phocket Felt Case

Here's a chance to have a case custom-made for you. Phocket lets you pick out your favourite accent colour, then make the case especially for you. This felt sleeve provides protection for your Nexus 7 and space for two credit cards. Perfect if you like to travel light. [Buy the Phocket Felt Case for £14.51]