A Narrow Escape for Commuters as Roofing Collapses at Cork's Kent Train Station

By Gerald Lynch on at

Part of the roof of Kent Train Station in Cork has collapsed, thought to be at least in part due to freak, stormy weather battering the area.

Fire engines were called to the scene at around 3pm after a section of the concourse roofing fell on a train (thankfully not in service at the time).

This could have been a whole lot worse -- reports so far state that only one woman has been injured in the incident, and not seriously so. Between what sounds like a horrendous storm, a live track and falling debris, that sounds like a near miracle. If you're travelling on Cork to Cobh/ Middleton services, or between Dublin and Cork via rail, expect severe delays and suspended services.

A few more shots captured by those on the scene at Cork can be found embedded below.




Image Credits: Darragh Corkery, Eimear McCormack