Amazon Buying Up Smartphone Camera Parts For...Well...Guess

By Gerald Lynch on at

Rumours of an Amazon branded smartphone have been circulating for years now, picking up speed around the launch of the Kindle Fire tablets, and smouldering ever since. And they're set to spark once more with news that Amazon has began investing in smartphone camera modules.

Taiwanese company Primax Electronics is reported to have received multiple orders for camera modules from the internet retail giant, with the components said to be powering a "floating touch" feature that would allow users to interact with the as-yet-unannounced phone without touching its screen. That rings harmoniously with previous reports that Amazon's smartphone would feature a 3D gesture recognition and eye-tracking controls -- each potentially powered by the six individual components Amazon is said to be lining up from Primax.

Of course, we're still waiting on official word from Amazon on the existence of its smartphone line, and we're unlikely to get it ahead of any ginormous reveal ceremony it may be planning. But the tide of rumours pointing to an early 2014 unveiling suggests we may not have long to wait until we get our hands on (or off, as the case may be) its floating-touch smartphone. [DigiTimes via TechRadar]