American "Thanksgivukkah" Breaks Instagram Records

By Robert Sorokanich on at

Americans sure do love their holidays. This year two of the biggest, Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, popped up at exactly the same time. Two holidays which are largely centred around bringing loved ones together over delicious traditional foods. Put them together, whip up a portmanteau-licious hashtag (#Thanksgivukkah), and you've got the recipe for a record breaking day on Instagram.

As revealed on the Instagram blog, Thursday was the biggest day yet for users of the social image sharing service. With so much tasty food to go around, and so many Americans travelling to join family and friends, it's really no surprise.

Instagram has been growing like a well-fed nephew, boasting over 150 million users. So it's worth noting that, in a way, every widely celebrated holiday could potentially be a record breaker. Maybe us Brits should try and smash this record next Bonfire Night, eh?  [Instagram blog via The Wire]