Apple's Bin-Shaped Mac Pro Could Land in Time For Christmas

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple's sleek new 9.9-inch tall computer/waste-paper bin, 2013's Mac Pro, stole the show at this years WWDC back in June, but we were warned the wait for its release could be a lengthy one. So we waited. And waited. And while we're STILL waiting for an official release date from Apple, a German retailer may have got the jump on Apple's next big announcement.

Conrad Electronics, an authorised Apple third-party dealer has started taking pre-orders which it claims it will be fulfilling by Monday, December 16th. That's a lot more precise than Apple's current "December" estimates, but still doesn't have the official stamp of approval. And though it's a bit of an expensive Christmas present (entry-level configurations are set at £2,499), it's likely Apple will want to squeeze in at least a week's worth of hysteric Christmas sales, giving some credence to the claims.

Though it's pricey, this year's Mac Pro at least promises to be powerful, housing a 12-core Intel Xeon E5 processor and as much as a whopping 64GB of RAM, alongside dual AMD FirePro graphics chips. Enough for a game of Farmville then. [MacRumors via TechRadar]