Apple's Voice Activated Dock Patent Wants to Turn Your Whole House Into Siri's BFF

By Gerald Lynch on at

Ever since it was introduced, the iPhone's voice activated butler Siri has seemed destined to break free of the shackles of its smartphone cell. With rumours increasing that Apple has its eyes set on entering the home automation market, a freshly unearthed patent could put Siri at the heart of that push.

Apple Insider has uncovered a patent that suggests that the Cupertino company could be working on an always-listening voice activated docking unit. The device would always be on, and always bending its mechanical ears for a trigger word or sound which would then give it control over the Siri app on a paired iPhone, iPod or iPad. Essentially, with enough of them dotted around a home, you'd be able to talk to your iOS device in any room, setting up reminders, activating calls and more without ever having to touch the device.

With Apple's ultimate aim for Siri to be to give the app control over any connected accessory too, the patent hints at a future when Apple could feasibly have a house-wide Kinect-like system that could control speakers, lighting and more. Like, say, an Apple iTV... [Apple Insider via TechRadar]

Image Credit: Mashable