Atlanta Subway Urine Detectors Look Out for Number One

By Robert Sorokanich on at

Despite being a great idea, public transit always seems to be fighting an uphill battle for public opinion. Atlanta's MARTA subway system has been roundly criticized for, among other things, smelling like pee, and the transit line won't take it sitting down: this month, MARTA began installing first of its kind urination detectors in the subway's elevators.

Yes, the first diddle detecting elevator went online just before the holiday travel rush. With a row of ten floor height splash detectors along both side walls, there's no way to relieve yourself without alerting the police.

Atlanta Subway Urine Detectors Look Out for Number One

The incident rate in the particularly urine-y elevator where the first system was installed has dropped to one, and that offender was arrested mid stream. Still, with 111 elevators in Atlanta's subway system, and at a cost of £6,000 per detector, the number one concern is whether MARTA might be flushing money down the drain; many stations have restroom facilities that were shuttered in 2010 due to budget limitations and remain closed today.

But it's nice to know MARTA is working hard to ensure your Atlanta commute doesn't include an unexpected detour down the yellow line. [WSBTV via Wired]