Boris Island Sinking as Airport Commission Favours Expanding Heathrow or Gatwick

By Gary Cutlack on at

Boris Johnson's dream of building himself a little island in the Thames Estuary or outsourcing all of London's flying needs to Kent appear to be in trouble, thanks to the Airports Commission deciding that whacking a new runway in at Heathrow or Gatwick ought to keep the country competitive until 2030.

The first loser in the Airports Commission report is Stansted, with the aviation police deciding against recommending an expansion of the Essex portal in the immediate future. But Stansted and Birmingham may feature in the UK's flight capacity upgrade plans at some point in the future, with a second extra runway serving the south east expected to be needed by 2050.

However, all is not lost for fans of floppy-haired clowns in suits and their artificial island hideaways. The Commission says it will look at the plans for a separate island hub on the Isle of Grain in the first half of 2014, as the concept of a completely new transport hub appears to offer a "scale of benefits potentially greater" than current plans. [Standard]