Britain's Big New Multi-Million Export? Pig Sperm

By Gerald Lynch on at

Nuclear reactors, mineral fuels, cars and railway rolling stock. Add to that list of the UK's biggest exports pig cum.

David Cameron's recent trip to China saw him brokering a deal worth £45 million a year for UK pig farmers. China houses half the world's pigs, with pork a key provider of protein to Chinese citizens' diets. The imported sperm will widen the gene pool among the droves of pigs and lead to healthier generations to come, producing larger animals that can feed more people.

And Cameron's trade network teams won't stop at the contents of piggy johnnies either -- with trotters a delicacy in China and considered offcuts here, the pigs' feet may also soon be shipped to China in a deal that itself could be worth £7.5 million a year. [Telegraph]

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