Cinema Mix-Up Screens Sex-Filled Nymphomaniac Trailer to Kids Before Disney Film Frozen

By Gerald Lynch on at

Picture the scene: You've headed down to the local multiplex with the younglings to see Disney's Christmas blockbuster Frozen. The half-sweet-half-salty popcorn's been bought, the litre of overpriced coke nearly consumed, your little ones excitedly hushed as the screen house lights dim. And then up on the big screen pops, not the latest Pixar trailer, but Charlotte Gainsbourg sucking off Transformers' Shia LaBeouf, for realz.

That's what a technical...ahem...cock-up caused at a cinema in Tampa, Florida, where the trailer to Lars Von Trier's fuck-filled art house sex (sex, sex) film Nymphomaniac was screened to a room of kids and parents. There's proper, actual boning going on in that trailer, so raunchy as to be banned entirely by YouTube and to be branded the most explicit to ever be shown in mainstream cinemas.

"Would it be all right if I showed the children the whoring bed?" Uma Thurman somewhat ironically asks at one point in the trailer. The answer, according to Floridian parents, unsurprisingly is no.

Check out the NSFW trailer embedded below. Seriously though, NOT SAFE FOR WORK. [Metro]