Dolby Develops 4,000-nit "Pulsar" Television Tech

By Gary Cutlack on at

Audio specialist Dolby is preparing to assault our eyes for a change, demonstrating super-bright TV display technology, offering a 4,000-nit output that dwarfs that 100-nit norm that most of today's sets approach.

Rather than simply obliterating your eyes with its brightness, the extra output from the Dolby tech demo is put to use in allowing film makers to generate a wider dynamic range, akin to the HDR images snapped by some cameras. The demo unit used a 1080p panel packed with four times the usual number of LEDs and a liquid cooling system to keep it from melting, so it's some way from commercial availability -- although Dolby says some manufacturers will display sets using the technology at next January's CES event. [Dolby via Techradar]