Don't Worry About the Chrimbo Flab, Ray Kurzweil Says We'll Soon be Able to Switch Off Our Fat Cells

By Gary Cutlack on at

Ray Kurzweil, a man who has a lucky habit of guessing things about the future that usually turn out to be on the money, believes we're on the cusp of extending our lives even further, thanks to nanobots and the looming ability to deactivate our body's ability to store fat.

Speaking to The Times, Kurzweil's fantastic timeline sees mankind develop the ability to deactivate human fat cells by the year 2020, shutting off our bodies' desire to store up calories -- an ability we no longer need now vast quantities of fat are available 24 hours a day and can usually be delivered to our homes by a man on a moped within 15 minutes, should our bodies suddenly crave spicy meat and jalapeno peppers.

Kurzweil's health dreams don't end there. By 2030 he expects much of our food will be grown in vertical factories that make better use of land mass, with our future diets including cloned lab meats that use healthier fats that their natural equivalents.

And then, by about 2040, mankind (or at least the richer elements of it) will become virtually immortal, thanks to nanobot tech that can be programmed to augment our immune systems and attack diseases, creating better body defences and allowing our new, perpetually thinner selves, to live forever, or at least until the nanobots crash.

"Twenty years from now, we will be adding more time than is going by to your remaining life expectancy," he explains, which is rather handy for a man like Kurzweil who's now in his 60s and popping the vitamin pills like mad to keep himself going. [Times]

Image credit: Obesity from Shutterstock