Essential Apps For Your New Windows Phone

By Tom Pritchard on at

There was a time before it became commonplace to have a smartphone. I fear that those days may return, days where if we wanted to look something up we had to wait until we got home *shudder*. Some people still live in those days, and may be looking to migrate to the side of enlightenment, where browsing Reddit on the bus is possible. But where do you start? At Giz, we hope to make your journey a bit easier with our list of essential apps that everybody should download. Just be sure to come back at the end of each month for the updates.

Windows Phone Apps

Facebook:  The world's biggest social network, available in the palm of your hand. Upload photos, message friends, and keep up to date with your timeline. There's not much more I can say, it's just Facebook on the go. You, know, THE Facebook? You may have heard of it? [Free]

Instagram Beta: The world's favourite app for hipsters and for taking photos of your food, Instagram is a social network devised around your photos. Think Twitter, but where photos are an integral part of every post. You can even apply filters to give your photos that faux historical look if that's your thing. [Free]

Twitter: A friend of mine once said, "there's no point to Twitter unless you have internet on your mobile." It's sort of true when you think about it. Micro-blogging is the kind of thing you update as and when you have a thought, making Twitter a staple part of your mobile life. [Free]

6Snap: Snapchat is one the new ‘big players’ in social apps, with even the likes of Facebook wanting in. 6snap is an unofficial Snapchat app for Windows Phone, letting you get in on the action until Snapchat can get its act together and release it officially. [Free]

Vine: An app from the people who brought you Twitter, Vine centres around filming and sharing six second film clips. There are a lot of uses for it, whether you want to make your own original gifs, or if you want to experiment with narrative within the six second limit -- it's up to you. [Free]

Tumblr: The mobile version of the blog website that has become almost synonymous with teenage girls and terrible fan fiction. The mobile app is ideal for letting you update your own personal blog on the move, or just to keep up to date with everyone you follow. [Free]

Viber: Phone networks aren’t always forthcoming with the number of minutes you can have on your contract, and if you go over your allowance your bank account is going to take a serious hit (believe me I know). Viber works exactly like an ordinary phone call but instead of using your network minutes up, the call is sent via the internet. So if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, or you find yourself out of minutes, Viber is there to help out. [Free]

Whatsapp: WhatsApp is very similar to Viber, but instead of doing phone calls it’s a messaging service that aims to replace your texts. The principle is all the same though; rather than using your allocated texts, you can instead use a smidgen of data – fantastic if you have an unlimited data plan. [Free]

Kik: Unlike WhatsApp, which is very centred around being an alternative to text messaging, Kik is very much like any other instant messenger except it's designed with mobile use in mind. Kik is great because it displays the status of your sent messages. It's fast, and it's easy and simple to use. [Free]

Google Maps: This one speaks for itself. Google Maps is vital if you don't know where you're going. The app has all the basic functions of Google Maps from a browser, with the addition of GPS navigation. Works great in the car, or on foot. [Free]

Cool Tiles: Designed to make your phone surfing time much simpler, Cool Tiles is there to let you pin a variety of different apps, tools, and settings to your home screen. Never again will you have to go sifting through menus to find what you want. [Free]

Flashlight-X: Pretty self explanatory, Flashlight-X lets you turn your phone's flash into a fully-functional torch. [Free]

Amazon: One of the world's best known internet retailers, Amazon should be a staple part of your mobile life. Its mobile app has everything you can do on the full version of Amazon, but with the added bonus that you can use it on the go to compare prices. [Free]

The Trainline: The Trainline isn't just for buying tickets, although that is one of the main selling points. The Trainline has a database of pretty much every single train running in this country. Otherwise it would be useless, right? You can use this to your advantage -- with the app you can look up trains, see when they'll leave, and (more importantly) how long they'll take. Whether it's for your own journey, or if you're giving a lift to a friend, it's pretty handy to have. [Free]

eBay: Everybody's favourite auction site, right there on your phone. Search, bid, buy -- everything. Especially useful for managing those bidding wars on the move. [Free]

PayPal: If you're going to buy on eBay then you'll need a PayPal account. It may not be an obvious choice to stick on your phone, but it's still useful. You can send payments securely and safely, withdraw any unspent funds -- pretty much everything you could do on PayPal, but in the palm of your hand. [Free]

Bing Weather: Your basic weather app, Bing Weather will show you the specifics of the day's weather, and offers the ability to track the changes in set places. Better yet, with live tiles you can pin the app to your feed and get the weather quickly and easily, at a glance on your homescreen. [Free]

Spotify: Spotify doesn't need much of an introduction. Access its extensive online catalogue of music, and make it available to play offline to save on that precious data allowance. You can even include your own music into the player just in case your favourite artist isn't available. [Free -- with subscription]

Shazam: You might be sitting in the car, or wandering through a shop when you hear a song you like. But you don't know who it's by, or even what it's called! Shazam will listen to a sound-byte of the song and compare it to a central database, letting you know everything you need to know about the song: Title, Artist, Album, and where to buy it from. [Free]

GPS Voice Navigation: Pretty much everything you need from a GPS app. Real time tracking, estimated arrival times, turn-by-turn directions, and speed camera/police trap warnings are all included. Useful if you don’t yet have a decent GPS service on your phone, especially since it lets you choose which mapping provider you want to use: Google, Bing, or MapQuest. [£5.49]

Skyscanner: Flying isn't cheap, even if you use budget airlines like EasyJet or Ryanair. Skyscanner is there to make looking for a cheap flight that bit easier, as it will search thousands of flights to match you to the cheapest one in seconds. [Free]

Amazing Weather HD: A weather app that focuses on being visually appealing, with high-definition animations and satellite photos, as well as the usual weather details. It will definitely make using your phone a little bit more interesting. [£1.49]

Scan - QR Code and Barcode Reader: An excellent app to have when shopping, Scan will do as its name suggests, scanning a barcode to find the product online so you can compare prices. Similarly it will scan and decipher QR codes for you, so you know exactly what they're saying behind that mess of pixels. [£1.49]

Photo Dot Lock: A nice way to add some security to your photos, Photo Dot Lock lets you lock your photos behind a security pattern. A good way to keep them safe from the ne'er-do-wells out there. [£0.79]

TuneIn Radio: A nice way to listen to radio broadcasts from around the world, with over 100,000 radio stations and 2 million online streams. Doesn't matter where you are, this app will have you covered. [Free]

Battery: A battery management app, designed to show you how much power you have left, how long it'll be until your phone dies, what's using all the power, and (when the phone is charging) how long it'll be until it's fully charged. [Free]

Cam Scanner: Sometimes you might need to scan something but you’re not in a position to use a full size scanner — it’s unlikely sure, but it does happen. CamScanner is a life saver in such a situation. Using your phone’s camera, you can use the app to quickly load a document onto your phone. Direct from the app you can then turn scanned documents into PDFs, email them and, for premium users, you have access to an OCR function that will transform them into a text document. [Free]

Bing Translator: Bing Translator will translate over 40 different languages, but it's not your standard text to text translator. Bing will translate voice to text, text to voice, and even text in pictures. Rather handily, you can also download language packs for offline use for when you're in a place where mobile internet is not an option. [Free]

BT Wi-Fi: BT customers out there may not be aware that you get unlimited Wi-Fi from over 5 million hotspots nationwide. With this app, you'll connect automatically whenever a hotspot is in range, saving yourself that precious mobile data allowance. [Free]

Self Timer: Nice and simple, Self Timer adds a timing function to your camera, so that you can set it up and take non-selfie pictures of yourself, or groups of friends, without asking anyone to take it for you. [Free]

Met Office:  Have you ever wondered where the data from the weather forecasts come from? That would be the Met Office, the national meteorological service for the whole of the UK. It has everything your basic weather app would have, with a few added bonuses such as UV levels and interactive maps. So why not cut out the middle man and get your forecasts straight from the source? [Free]

Papyrus: Papyrus is a notes app with one specific difference; rather than having to type it out, Papyrus uses the touchscreen for you to write out your notes by hand using your finger, or a stylus. I’m sure many people out there will prefer typing out notes, but if you’re like me and prefer to write them out by hand, Papyrus is the app for you. [Free]

Jack of Tools Pro: The app equivalent of Batman's utility belt, Jack of Tools Pro contains a variety of tools that you may, or may not, find useful. These include, torch, compass, geographic camera, virtual level, latitude/longtitude coordinates, altitude, speed, base distance, a calliper, a magnifier, and a sound meter. Not a bad bunch. [£0.79]

Wikipedia: Where would we be without Wikipedia? We'd have to go to the library and find a book to do all our research on the history of the spoon. The Wikipedia app will make your researching that bit simpler, cutting out the middle-man-like browser. [Free]

PC Remote: A handy little tool for those of you who use your computer for a variety of entertainment purposes. PC Remote will turn your phone into a mouse and remote control for your computer. So you can watch Netflix from the sofa without having to get up.

Fhotoroom: Designed to help you get the most out of your smartphone camera, Fhotoroom allows you to customise the settings that are integral to getting your photo just perfect, including EV, ISO, and exposure. Not only that, but the app also includes a built in photo editor, as well as a sharing community so you can share your snaps with the world. [Free]

Flappy Bird: Flappy Bird never got an official Windows Phone release, not that it stopped someone from porting it. Since this wasn't an official version (like far too many Windows Phone apps), it was never pulled. So you lucky Windows Phone users don't have to manage with cheap rip-offs. [Free]

Poki: An unofficial app for the app Pocket, this makes reading on the web a smidge easier. Find an article, or video that you like online but want to come back to it later? Rather than bookmarking it you can store it in the app for later use. You can completely customise your reading view, as well as storing said webpages offline for use in those hard-to-reach signal-less areas. Best of all, it will record your progress through an article in case you aren't able to read it all at once.[£1.49]

UK Bus Checker: Finding public transport timetables is a bit of a pain. Different places have different websites, and even then it's dependent on which company controls the local services. UK Bus Checker has a dedicated database of 35 different locations, with comprehensive details on thousands of routes. It also updates in real-time, so if you rely on buses this one is an essential app for your phone. [£2.49]

Facebook Messenger: This one has been out on iOS and Android for a while, and now it comes to Windows Phone. I know Facebook Messenger had previously been built into a large number of devices, but this sort of wait is not uncommon for Windows Phone apps -- What gives? Anyhoo, this is fairly self explanatory -- a messaging app that lets you get in touch with your Facebook friends far more easily than you could via a browser or the Facebook app. [Free]

Superpages: A handy Yellow-Pages-esque app that gives you a great glimpse into the businesses and services for your local area. Search by city, phone number, or name, and get in touch directly from the app. A perfect way to find whatever service you need. [Free]

Office Lens: Designed to act as a scanner you can carry in your pocket, Office Lens is used to take picture of your surroundings and then turn them into an editable document. Whether it's a brainstorming board in a business meeting, a classroom blackboard, or even something as simple as a shopping list -- Office Lens and OneNote integration will make sure you always have them with you. [Free]

CloudSix for Dropbox: Dropbox is one of many services that hasn't officially made the leap to Windows Phone, so people have to make do with the offering of third party developers. Cloudsix has everything you want from a Dropbox app: view and manage your files, as well as backing up the ones on your phone. [Free]

Nokia MixRadio: Nokia's music streaming service which promises to be free, personalised, and devoid of any dreaded ads. The new version will automatically refresh your offline mixes, lets you search for new mixes, and recommends new ones based on your profile. [Free -- Lumia Exclusive]

SoundCloud+: A third party app that gives you full, and unlimited, access to SoundCloud. Everything you can do in a desktop browser, you can do in SoundCloud+. Whether it's browsing, listening, liking, and in some cases downloading. You can craft your own playlists, and even pin tracks and playlists to your phone's home screen. [Free]

imgura: Everybody's (read: Reddit's) favourite image hosting service, Imgur is more than that. Imgur has it's own community which Windows Phone user can now be a part of with imgura. Upload your own images, browse existing submissions, comment, get into arguments, and more. Everything you can do on Imgur is there on imgura. [Free]

RingGo: Paying for parking is a pain, especially if you forgot to bring some change with you. RingGo is a pay-by-phone service that is currently in use at over 4,000 parking sites across the country, put in place by 60 local authorities and numerous private parking companies. In-app you can register your vehicles, pay, and top-up. [Free]

Tonido: Going off somewhere and realising you forgot to pull a file from your computer is a nightmare. Luckily if you have Tonido installed on your phone and your computer, you can access your files remotely. Not only does this mean you can get hold of your files wherever you are, you can also download files to your phone without the need for pesky fires. [Free]

Chadder: One of the things about the internet is that once it's online, it's there forever (though there are some changes to that idea now). Chadder is a messaging app that's a little bit like Snapchat in it's function, but with better security. Security is an integral part of the app, so your messages can't be read by ne'er-do-wells, or even the people who made the app. [Free]

Sticky Notes HD: This is very much like the Windows Phone version of Google Keep. Sticky Notes HD allows you to categorise your notes with a variety of colours, sort them by priority, and add reminders for something important. It also backs up to OneDrive so you never have to worry about losing them again. [Free]

YouTube to MP3: Some people who have an aversion to paying for their music like to download it from YouTube. While we're not condoning music piracy, you may find a use for this app. The app itself lets you download the audio file from YouTube videos on the go, and convert it into a nice MP3 file. [Free]

Kobo Books: One for the readers out there, Kobo gives you access to over four million free ebooks and comics from your phone. With cross-device syncing and a customisable style, it's a nice way to improve your reading library with little effort. [Free]

Moovit: Public transport is a bind sometimes, especially when its busy, or the traffic is bad. Moovit is here to help your public transport experience go smoothly. Using real-time data, Moovit will help you find the fastest, least crowded service along with schedules, arrival times, and service data. [Free]

Kabbee: Looking for a cab but want to make sure you're getting the best deal? If you live in London then you're in luck. Kabbee will compare the prices from over 70 minicab companies and will show you the best ones in the vicinity based on price, user rating, and reliability. You can also pay with cash, card, or even from your pre-paid Kabbee account. [Free]

Time of My Life: Ever wonder where the day went? What exactly did you spend your time doing? Time of My Life is designed to log where you've spent your time, and how you've spent it. With daily, weekly, and monthly graphs, it's a handy little way to visualise how you're spending your time. [Free]

Uber: The useful, and ever controversial, app is finally available on Windows Phone. Uber is the alternative to booking yourself a taxi. All you have to do search for a ride in the app, compare prices, and book. You should get picked up within minutes, and by storing your card details in-app you'll never need to worry about having cash again. [Free]

Plex: A media server that syncs across all of your devices and organises your media for you. Whether it's video, photos, or music, you'll be able to access it on the server from anywhere with an internet connection. Also, this is £3 on iOS and Android, so the price makes it an absolute bargain. [£0.79]

AppZapp UK: Want to stay on top with the best apps available but don't want to trawl through the app store? I don't blame you; it's not a nice place to have to sift through on a regular basis. AppZapp UK will do that for you, and will show you the best apps that are currently available. Even better it offers certain new apps at a discount, and sometimes completely free. [Free]

Photoshop Express: Photoshop on your Windows Phone, what's to explain really? You won't have any of the complicated stuff you get on the full PC version, but you have the basics and that's more than enough for editing on the go. [Free]

CoPilot GPS: A step-by-step GPS app that functions in basically the same way as most GPS apps, but you have the option of purchasing maps for various regions around the world (US and Europe are free) in glorious high detail. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Best Daily Apps: Finding all the best apps yourself is no mean feat, especially with the sheer amount of stuff that gets uploaded. Best Daily Apps will find the the best apps in the app store and display them for you on a daily basis. You'll also be able to find apps that are free for a limited time, saving you your precious cash. [Free]

Who Called Me UK: Keep getting random calls and have no idea who's trying to pester you for whatever stupid reason? Who Called Me UK has an extensive list of numbers belonging to telemarketers, debt collectors, banks, and interviewers. All so you can find out exactly who's disturbing you in the middle of your dinner. [Free]

BBM Beta: It's been available on iOS and Android for a while now, and now Windows Phone users can utilise the wonder of BBM. Send messages, videos, images, and voice notes to your friends, regardless of what phone system they use. [Free]

Pushbullet: For those of you who don't know what Pushbullet is, it's an app that allows you to transfer links and bodies of text between devices – usually a computer and a mobile. Unfortunately, as is often the case, the Windows Phone users have so far been ignored by developers, meaning you all have to rely on third-party developers. Fortunately, everything you need is right here. [Free]

Rawer: The vast majority of photographers will tell you that RAW files are the best way to take pictures if you want good quality images. A number of Nokia phones can take images in RAW, and now you can edit them without loading them onto a separate device. Alternatively you can pull them in from another RAW-enabled camera and fiddle about with them on-the-go. [Free]

Send Anywhere: A nice and simple way to send files easily and instantly. Send Anywhere has been available on Android and iOS for a while, and now it's available on Windows Phone. There are no logins or registrations required, all you need to do is share a six-digit code with the intended recipient and it'll take care of the rest for you. [Free]

Untapped: A social network for lovers of the glorious nectar of the gods: beer. With Untapped you can easily find your nearest craft beers and bars, see which beers are popular, as well as a personalised recommendation system that helps you find somewhere to drink.

Coach's Eye: If you're some sort of sports-person you might not be able to afford a coach to constantly be checking your technique. Well now that invaluable advice a coach can provide can be given by Coach's Eye, which monitors what you're doing and evaluate your performance. Whether it's your golf swing, corner skills, or possibly a tennis serve, this one is there to help you improve. Plus you can play back the video yourself and look for yourself. [£1.49]

Flipboard: This is one of those rare occasional where app devs actually pay attention to Windows Phone and port the app themselves. Flipboard is a personalised magazine that's devoted to bringing you news and reading from across the web. Just tell it what categories you want to pay attention to and it'll do the rest for you. [Free]

Straw: A social polling app designed for you to gather opinions and thoughts from people you know. So whether you can't decide which pub to go to, or which shirt suits you best, you can use Straw. Plus you can get responses in real-time, so you're not left waiting for an unnecessary amount of time. [Free]

PhotoMath: Calculators are fantastic because they've pretty much negated the need to work out minor mathematical problems in our head. Don't you wish you had something suitable for more complex things, though? PhotoMath is just that, functioning as a calculator-like device that can solve equations using your phone's camera. Just snap a picture and let it do it's work. [Free]

Wolfram Alpha: Wolfram Alpha is a service designed to let you find expert level knowledge easily and quickly. Using algorithms Wolfram Alpha scours the web for information that you need on subjects like maths, physics, data analysis, chemistry, units and measurements, and even the weather. Whereas Google will tell you how to figure something out, or will take you somewhere that lets you do it, Wolfram Alpha will actually work it out without you having to do anything more. [£1.99]

DuoLingo: Fancy teaching yourself a new language? It can cost a lot of money if you buy hefty software packages, but DuoLingo is totally free. You learn in bite-sized lessons, track your progress with achievements, and if you answer incorrectly you lose hearts. It's a bit like a game, except you get something useful to show for your success. [Free]

ReadAloud: Left your glasses at home again, did we? ReadAloud has you covered because it will read out webpages, files, and text that you enter in to the app. Handy, but sadly it can't be used to read out your emails or text messages. [Free]

Microsoft XIM: Ever wanted to show off your photos but don't feel comfortable handing your phone out to a group of people? XIM will let you share individual photos or sideshows with other people by casting the photos to their phones. Better yet, they don't even need the app installed for it to work. [Free]

Calculus Course Assistant: A handy tool from the folks at Wolfram Alpha, Calculus Course Assistant is designed to help you with calculus problems that you may be working your way through. But rather than just letting you cheat, it also helps you to learn basic calculus concepts. You know, for those times you won't have your phones -- like in an exam. [£1.99]

Tubecast: Tubecast isn't you're ordinary YouTube client, the reason being that you can use it to stream YouTube content to the likes of Chromecast, and Smart TVs. It's just been updated and now you can view and cast QHD (2K) videos, and videos running at 60FPS. [Free]

GoPro: The GoPro app has had one crucial update this week: those of you with a GoPro Hero 4 can now control it with the Windows Phone app. That means you can take photos, control video recording, and even copy those videos over to your phone to share with the world. [Free]

Duolingo: Duolingo has been praised for its basic-yet-effective approach to learning a new language, and now there are more for you to choose from. Now included in the app is Swedish and Irish, so you have a little bit more choice when learning something new. [Free]

Adobe Reader:  PDF is pretty much a universal format nowadays, and having Adobe Reader on your phone will make it that much easier to view the file type. [Free]

Skype: Everybody's favourite video messaging app, available on your phone. There isn't really anything here that you wouldn't find in the desktop version, which is obviously great. [Free]

Xbox Video: A video streaming service from Microsoft, Xbox Video lets you buy, rent, and watch some of the latest TV and film releases. Best of all you can close the app and pick up right where you left off. [Free]

File Explorer: While the app is primarily designed to let you manage the files kept on your phone, it's much much more than that. You can transfer files to your computer via Wi-Fi, and can even be used to manage your OneDrive files. [Free]

YouTube: YouTube hardly needs an introduction, but it should be a staple addition to your Windows Phone. Manage your subscriptions, watch a variety of videos. Standard stuff. [Free]

BBC iPlayer: With the last two weeks of BBC television available at the tap of your finger, iPlayer is one app that you should not be without. [Free]

4oD: Like iPlayer, 4oD allows you to catch up on the latest Channel 4 programming from the last few weeks. What is different however, is that 4oD contains a lot more than the last two weeks, with full series of some classic and much loved Channel 4 programming available. [Free]

Demand 5: There isn't much more that can be said about on demand programmes. Demand 5 is Channel 5's offering, ensuring that you will never miss a thing - and a nice way to complete the terrestrial TV set. [Free]

Netflix:  The popular on demand service is a great addition to your phone. No longer will you be tied to your computer or your games console to stream your favourite shows or movies. Having it on your device is a great way to go on those television/movie binges. [Free -- with subscription]

VLCVLC is well known for being able to play videos of any file type. The Windows Phone version is no different. Simply transfer the video onto your device and you can watch it at your convenience. [£2.29]

Flash Video: A lot of video streaming websites tend to use players that run Flash. The sad thing is that many mobile devices can't run Flash. Flash Video attempts to work around that, letting you stream Flash video and save them to your phone if you wish. It isn't 100% effective, but it's better than nothing. [£2.99]

OneDrive: Another data storage app, this time from Microsoft, letting you keep back-ups of files stored remotely in the cloud, accessing them across multiple devices. [Free]

TV Catchup: TV Catchup lets you watch over 50 television channels live, from the comfort of your phone. You can personalise your channel list, and even use voice commands to control what you're watching. [Free]

Kindle: Amazon's eBook store makes it easy and convenient for you to purchase, download, and read books all in one place. Fantastic if you don't have a Kindle and don't fancy finding space for brand new paperback books. [Free]

Momento: For the journaling enthusiasts out there, Momento is designed to make it easy for you to record your personal thoughts and ideas. Sorted in a month-by-month timeline, you can throw in photos, notes, and pretty much everything else you'd need from a journaling app. Best of all, you can back it up to your Onedrive account. [Free]

Realarm: This one is an alarm clock that cycles through various ringtones each day so that you're not listening to the same thing everyday. It's just been updated, and now has a new design, voice commands, and various alarm features in the top bar of your phone. [Free]

Whatsapp Video Optimizer: Sharing videos via Whatsapp certainly is handy, but if your video is over 16MB it will indiscriminately cut it to save space. With Whatsapp Video Optimizer, you can convert the video to a different filetype so that its small enough to send. [Free]

Teamviewer: There are a number of apps available for accessing your computer remotely, but most of them are restricted to one operating system. Teamviewer lets you control any Windows, Mac, or Linux computer from your phone without any set-up hassle. [Free]

Cycloramic: The easiest way to take a panoramic photo quickly, all you have to do is follow the onscreen guide and you'll have the perfect picture. No more blurry half-done panoramas for you. [£1.49]

Diorama: Tilt-shift is a great effect for taking photographs that make real-life imagery look incredibly similar to a model. Diorama is a handy app that lets you create such imagery on your phone with minimal fuss. No need to mess around with settings or image editing software. [Free]

Long Tweet: Sometimes 140 characters is not enough, and Long Tweet is there to make sure you can post your thoughts in their entirety. Just type out your long message and it'll be split up into multiple tweets, or it will tweet it as an image. [Free]

VLC for Windows Phone: VLC players do exist for Windows Phone, but none of them were official. That's no longer the case, and it makes Windows Phone the last major system to have an official release. No more worrying about filetype when trying to play a media on your phone. [Free]

Simplify: Sometimes you can't be dealing with going into menus and apps to perform basic tasks, so Simplify brings them to the homescreen an automates the process for you. So whether it's sending the usual "on the way home" text, emailing yourself reminders, or calling a particular person. [Free]

Ticket Wallet: If you're going to be travelling with Virgin Trains East Coast, you can now access your tickets on your phone via this app. All you have to do is sign into your account and you'll be able to access them. It's limited for now, but more updates are planned, including the ability to buy tickets, check train information, and more. [Free]

Cloud Mesh Pro: There are a lot of cloud storage platforms out there, and I'd wager a decent number of people use more than one to try and get as much storage without paying for it. That can get complicated, which is why Cloud Mesh Pro exists. The app lets you organise all your cloud storage accounts in one place, as well as copying files between them at the tap of a button. [£1.49]

Tripwolf: Travelling is one of those things that you tend to want to get organised for, and it also happens to be one of the things smartphone apps have been great to make easier. Tripwolf is much like any other, coming with guides to restaurants, things to do, and so on. But unlike some apps, all of Tripwolf's information, including in-depth maps, is available offline. So no more foreign data charges just so you can get around safely. [Free]

Briefcase: File managers are a ten-a-penny these days, but most of them are stupidly basic. If you want something with a bit of extra functionality then Briefcase is a good option. Not only can you manage the files on your phone, you can compress folders, lock them, access OneDrive and upload/download files en masse, and more. [Free]

Pocket Casts: A podcasting app that's designed to help you find and listen to a variety of podcasts with minimal fuss. There are search filters, variable playback speeds, automatic downloads, and over 200,000 podcasts to choose from. To top all that off, it's a cross-platform app which means all your podcasts will sync across all your devices. It's not cheap, though. [£2.69]

List updated 4th May 2015