Experimental Lab Horse Meat May Have Entered the UK Food Chain

By Gary Cutlack on at

The latest twist in the horse meat scandal is unfolding in France, where horses used in medical laboratories are believed to have been illegally sold on for human consumption. And some may have made it into our bloody lasagne again.

The horses should've been humanely destroyed after being used to develop antibodies in labs owned by Sanofi Pasteur, but French authorities have arrested 21 people on suspicion of making a bit of extra money by selling them on to be used as human meat abroad.

Police were alerted after a local butcher was rumbled palming off dodgy horse of uncertain provenance in place of beef. So it might be a good idea to make the cheese sandwich the staple of your diet again for a month or two, until this one unwinds. [Metro]

Image credit: Meat factory from Shutterstock