Facebook Considering a "Sympathise" Button For Your Attention-Seeking Status Updates

By Gerald Lynch on at

When a friend silently reaches out to their online pals with the quiet change from "In a relationship" to "It's complicated", Facebook's Like button just wont cut it. For normal people that's where the phone, or a pub and a pint, comes in. For Facebook addicts and grief mongering narcissists though that's not enough. A "Sympathise" button is needed, and Facebook may soon well oblige.

The button, somewhat graciously, would at least be context-aware, and would pick up on appropriate emotionally-charged words in a status update before appearing underneath pals' updates. So, "I'm having a bad day" might see the button appear. But then so would it seem to also appear under "I'm having a bad day, so I killed my dog" -- not sure if that deserves a vote of sympathy. Still, it's a product Facebook isn't yet ready to share with the masses, but with engineer Dan Muriello stating that many people at the company are "very excited" about the possibility of the further erosion of our real-world social interactions, it may only be a matter of time before it rolls out. [Huffington Post]