First the Start Button, Now the Start Menu Set For Windows 8 Comeback

By Gerald Lynch on at

Microsoft's Windows 8 OS received a mixed reception upon launch, to put it lightly. Forward-thinking in its touch-focussed features, but alienating to those who wanted a pure desktop experience, Microsoft were forced to make some come compromises to their original vision come the Windows 8.1 update, reinstating the Start Button. And the next 8.2 update could take that one step further.

The sorely-missed traditional Start button menu may be set to return as an option for desktop users according to Paul Thurrott, well-connected Microsoft blogger of Supersite for Windows fame. The update, codenamed Threshold, could also see Modern UI (or Metro) apps break free of the shackles of the full-screen Modern UI interface and be allowed to run as windows on the traditional desktop view. Between the Xbox One policy 180 and Microsoft's softening of the edges of Windows 8, at least the company seem to be listening to the requests of their consumers, even if they're getting it a bit wrong the first time around. [Supersite for Windows]