Flick Kick Football Legends Puts the Two-Footed Tackles Back Into the Gaming Kickabout

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Ah, the glory days of the 1970s, a time when a two-footed career ending lunge on the football pitch was just as acceptable as brown-coloured wallpaper. Tapping (and swiping) into the heady days of the disco decade is Flick Kick Football Legends, playing out like an interactive Roy of the Rovers comic strip for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

Fans of the original Flick Kick Football will be right at home with Legends, which builds upon the first mobile game's swipe-to-curve-a-screamer shooting mechanics. Whereas the original focussed on free-kick taking, Legends expands the onscreen action to include build-up play, letting you string together a dazzling chain of passes and perform crunching tackles and diving saves when on the defensive.

There's a superb degree of polish on show throughout the game, with caricature-styled players darting about the field. From flowing mullets to sideburn chops that'd make George Best proud, Flick Kick Football Legends has a hilarious and distinct art style the perfectly suits its virtual retro take on a kickabout. It's hard to believe there was once a time when booze-guzzling, pot-bellied players were footballing stars, and Flick Kick Football Legends deftly manages to recall the era without undermining its addictive gameplay.

Once the final whistle blows, attentions turn to off-the-pitch pursuits, letting you trade Top Trumps-like player cards in exchange for goal-scoring wage bonuses earned during matches. Activating new players for your team, these cards can also be bought with real world money, though the freemium nature of the game is generous enough to allow you to enjoy its action without ever having to open your wallet. Legends delivers a satisfying (if somewhat bizarre) story tying all these elements together too, tasking you with reviving the fallen fortunes of your club after one of your signature flaming supershots causes the terraces to collapse on your gaffer.

Witty and supremely playable, Flick Kick Football Legends is available now free for iOS and Android devices.