FM Radio Back in the Headlines With Radio Stalker; Digital Switchover Delay, and Space Junk Tracking

By Gary Cutlack on at

Good old radio is setting the news agenda today, led by the case of a trucker who tried to escape a restraining order by making bizarre song requests to Smooth FM DJs.


"Dear Marjorie, I know we've been through some tough times..."

50-year-old Derek Knowles repeatedly phoned the station and asked a range of DJs to dedicate songs to his estranged partner, with the likes of Lynn Parsons, Pat Sharp and Kid Jensen being used as unwilling accessories to his stalking. His messages were pretty tame declarations of love designed to sneak under the Smooth FM radar, but when there's a restraining order out telling you not to contact people, it's still a bit out of order. [Mirror]


Switchover switched off

Meanwhile, communications minister Ed Vaizey has said he's unlikely to propose a cut-off date for analogue radio in the UK, as ministers (and the general population) suggest no one's ready to ditch the FM and AM world and go fully digital just yet.

Vaizey has said that plans for a digital switchover won't be put into place until more than half of all UK radio listening is done digitally, and with the digital share actually falling over the last quarter to just 35.6 per cent, that looks likely to be many years away yet. [Guardian]


"And for long-wave listeners..."

Plus, as we saw over the weekend, FM radio is being used in new and exciting ways all the time, with Australian technicians using it to track space junk. We can't live without it. If it goes, people will just stop listening.

Image credit: Car radio from Shutterstock