Gaming YouTube Channels Borked By Auto Copyright Scanner

By Gerald Lynch on at

Gaming "Let's Play" videos, with gamers posting videogame footage as guides, analysis or simply for a laugh, are big business on YouTube. For the uploaders, there's decent amounts of cash to be made from advertising, and for the game companies a voracious audience to exploit. But a new automatic copyright scanner is ruining the party for everyone.

An automated system rolled out by Google to curb videos breaching copyright has caused many gaming videos and related channels to be blocked, preventing the collection of money earned through advertising. With ownership of the content a murky subject (does a player's unique interaction with an interactive product make it their own?), it may take some time to clear up the issue, but at least many of the big name gaming companies are being supportive of the YouTube stars -- Blizzard, Ubisoft and Capcom have all pledged to aid uploaders when it comes to getting their videos unblocked. [Guardian]