Grand Theft Auto Online's DIY Mission Editor Lands This Week

By Gerald Lynch on at

Just when you thought you'd had all the  Grand Theft Auto 5 carnage you could stomach, Rockstar is ready to drag you back onto the blood-soaked streets of San Andreas once more. Or, more specifically, back to GTA Online: this week the company will be launching a do-it-yourself mission editor for the multiplayer portion of the game.

Free-for-all and team-based deathmatches can be made, as well as three race options: standard, gun-filled "GTA" races and rally challenges. There's a tease that jets may be made available as race vehicles too. Rockstar will be promoting the best efforts too, so there's an incentive to craft some truly ghoulish events.  Keep an eye out for the update at some point this week -- there are whispers circulating that it could even be ready as early as tomorrow.

Further down the line, co-op heists should land next year, while capture the flag deathmatch variants will be ready later this month. GTA 5 will also be getting substantial single player updates in the near future too. [Rockstar]