Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas For iPhone Puts GTA 5's Los Santos in Your Pocket

By Gerald Lynch on at

Have you seen every secret that Grand Theft Auto 5 has to offer, and still need a Los Santos fix? Today, you'll be able to go back to where the So-Cal-styled crime spree first kicked off, with Rockstar putting a remastered edition of the classic Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas out on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


What does it do?

Seriously? Have you been living under a rock for the past decade? The Grand Theft Auto games put you in the shoes of an up and coming criminal, earning big bucks by breaking the law and causing general havoc. San Andreas, first released on the PS2 back in 2004, was until this year's Grand Theft Auto 5 came out the largest game in the series, and the foundation upon which the latest GTA's world is built.


Why do we like it?

In terms of gameplay, San Andreas is one of the highlights of the series, with a ridiculous amount of content on offer that still puts many current-gen open world games to shame. From carrying out burglaries to taking part in low-rider bounce-offs, it also was an early attempt at injecting some RPG-like elements to the series, where training your anti-hero CJ Johnson down the gym would have hand-to-hand combat benefits. Or you could stuff his face with burgers and turn him into a lard arse. All this on top of the tried-and-tested cops-and-robbers car chases and wanton, destructive freedom that is the GTA signature.

It's aged really well and, providing you have one of the newer iOS devices, runs like a dream on its new mobile home too. Real-time shadows and enhanced character models add an extra layer of detail to the original, and there's even support for custom playlists stored on your iDevice. If you're particularly allergic to touchscreen controls, San Andreas also supports Apple's new iOS game controller standard, meaning all Made-for-iOS gamepads are compatible, offering in some cases full twin-stick controls.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, download this app for: iOS devices, priced £4.99. An Android version is expected to land next week.

The Best: It's one of the finest open-world adventure games ever, available for on-the-toilet play, with remastered graphics making it look the best it ever has.

The Worst: Though better than in previous GTA mobile ports, touchscreen controls still aren't a match for a dedicated controller, and we're not convinced this single game would justify a purchase in one of the new iOS ones.