Here's the Perfect Diary to Divulge How Much You Miss Your Game Boy

By Andrew Liszewski on at

You remember that fateful Christmas many years ago, don't you? The whole family was over and your cousin was playing with your beloved Game Boy—until you heard the crash. Despite being in another room, you instantly recognised the sound. It was your Game Boy falling to its death. Technically, it still worked, but there were all those lines missing on the screen, and as far as you were concerned, your childhood friend was no more. You've never been able to express those feelings of loss, either. But now you can finally put them down on paper inside this lovely Game Boy-inspired notebook.

Designed by Madrid-based artist Maya Pixelskaya, the 100-page hardcover Game Book is almost a dead-ringer for the real thing thanks to a set of three-dimensional soft buttons on the front. But instead of completing lines on Tetris or rescuing Princess Zelda, you can use it to come to grips with all those angry emotions you had to tuck away as a child, because it was time for dinner. And £20 (plus shipping) in lieu of thousands of dollars worth of therapy is the best replacement you're going to find. Aside from a new Game Boy, of course. [Maya Pixelskaya via bookofjoe]

Here's the Perfect Diary To Divulge How Much You Miss Your Game Boy