Hiding a Meth Pipe in Your Vagina Can Only Ever End Badly

By Gerald Lynch on at

Having never sampled the apparent "delights" of crystal meth, I can only speculate as to the intensity of the zoned-out high it gives you. But even the most casual Breaking Bad fan must know that stuffing a glass meth pipe up your vagina while speeding in your car high as a kite can only end one way.

North Dakota's Jeana Marie Smart rammed a car in Fargo, North Dakota and was arrested when officers found she was already wanted for skipping out on a court appearance on a drugs warrant.

Police found her seat in the squad car covered in blood, and Smart claimed she was menstruating heavily. A subsequent cavity body search proved otherwise, with officers finding the smashed remains of a glass meth pipe inside Smart's private parts -- apparently damaged in the crash -- alongside a syringe. Wincing yet? [Valley News Live, The Smoking Gun, Grand Forks Herald via Huffington Post]