HTC Woe: One Mini Banned, and Sales of Just 750k Phones in Last Nine Months Revealed

By Chris Mills on at

A long-running court battle between HTC and Nokia has just come to a head, with a judge handing down a verdict this morning that bans the sale of the One Mini effective this Friday.

Unfortunately, that also leaves the door wide open for the One being banned in the near future. Welp.

The injunction's all to do with one tiny chip inside HTC phones: a Qualcomm-manufactured radio with the catchy name of WTR1605L. Like many other phone modems, it infringes on Nokia's patent for a "modular structure for a transmitter and a mobile station".

This is a massively important victory for Nokia -- and not just because it'll have one less phone to compete with in the Christmas shopping stakes. (Actually, as revealed in the court documents, HTC sold a pathetic 750,000 phones in the UK in the last nine months, so it's not providing much competition.)

Rather, it's because this injunction sets the stage for Nokia to rake in the cash. HTC isn't the only one infringing on Nokia's turf -- Apple and Blackberry already pay an undisclosed royalty to Nokia to license the patent, and it claims that Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony and Google (presumably via Nexus) are all equally guilty. With the courts now proven happy to take serious action against those found infringing, this could be a good quarter for Nokia's bottom line. [Scribd via The Inquirer]

Image credit: Banned via Shutterstock