Is Your iPhone 5S Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner Becoming Less Accurate?

By Gerald Lynch on at

It unlocks your iPhone 5S with a simple touch of a finger, and can save you the pain of tapping out passwords before iTunes purchases while retaining an important layer of security. But some owners of Apple's latest premium smartphone are claiming that its headlining Touch ID fingerprint-scanning feature is becoming less accurate the more they use it.

The issue was first highlighted by tech blogger Dr Drang, and has been corroborated by reports from noted Apple blogger John Gruber of Daring Fireball, as well as multiple forum posts.

Though it seems that only a relatively small number of users are reporting the problem at present, those that are having issues are complaining of having to re-program the sensor a few times every week lest it be rendered useless. The majority of reports also state that the scanner works normally during its first week of use, with the problem rearing its head soon after.

So far, it's apparently an isolated problem (greasy fingered iPhone owners needing to clean their hands -- or their iPhone fingerprint sensors -- more often?) but have you had any similar hiccups trying to get the scanner to recognise your digits? It'll be interesting to see if the issue becomes more widespread, and if so, how Apple eventually chooses to deal with it. [TechRadar]