Is This the Real Face of Doctor Who's Time Lord?

By Gerald Lynch on at

You may well be gearing up for the big Christmas Doctor Who special, but, for a guy who has had more regenerated faces than Jackie Stallone, you might be wondering which is the Doctor's real mug. Researchers at the University of Aberdeen Face Lab believe they have the answer.

Using the team's "face averaging" technology, they've created what they believe is the true face of the Doctor. Combining the faces of all 12 actors who have thus-far played the role of the Time Lord, they ended up with the above result.

"Of course, Doctor Who takes on an entirely new face each time he regenerates," said the Face Lab's David Robertson.

"However, in the real world, people keep the same face but it varies considerably across their lifetime, and in photographs. How this relates to our ability to recognise faces is one of the key issues our current research is tackling. Evidence has shown that face-averaging could be a powerful tool."

Rather than using the face to unravel the mysteries of the enigmatic "13th doctor", the team is hoping that similar research will prove valuable in the security sector. [BBC]

Image Credit: Aberdeen Face Lab