Japanese Man Does a 60-Year-Long Real-Life Trading Places

By Chris Mills on at

A hospital mix-up 60 years ago has been uncovered as the source of a real-life Trading Places, with the kid who should have lived in the lap of luxury ending up driving trucks and having to actually work. At least there's a happy ending -- specifically, a juicy 'ole lawsuit.

The story goes like this: hospital mix-up sees two babies trading places. One wins big -- from a poor family, he suddenly gets rich parents, a personal tutor, and ends up running a real estate company. The other, though, loses out, with his dad-who-wasn't-really-his-dad dying when he was just two, leaving him and his not-mum and three not-brothers to fend for themselves in a tiny apartment.

The mistake was only discovered when one of the families noticed the lack of resemblance, and asked for DNA tests -- which proved the mistake. A lawsuit has since been won for the now 60-year-old man who grew up in poverty, awarding him £225,000 in damages, but obviously failing to bring back his parents, who died before he could ever meet them. [Telegraph]