Just How Crappy Can a Crappy £30 Android Tablet Be?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The UbiSlate 7Ci is the newest-cheapest Android tablet on the market, combining Android 4.0.3 with a 7-inch display. It's going to be rubbish, it will be rubbish, and it is rubbish, but for £30 you could wallpaper the toilet with them and create a nice art installation.

We know it's going to be rubbish thanks to the tech specs. The Datawind UbiSlate 7Ci features just 512MB of RAM and a single-core 1GHz processor, with its display running at a virtually retro 800 x 480 resolution. It's practically disposable thanks to the £30 price tag, though, so might make an ideal Angry Birds station for any youngsters you're sort of obliged to buy presents for this year.

But given that the promotional photo of the tablet shows a version of the ancient Android 2.3 on the screen and not the claimed 4.0 ICS code, we doubt the ability of the supplier to even get them in the post properly, despite the £9.96 additional UK shipping fee required to actually have one sent out. [UbiSlate via Techradar]