LG Exposes Modern Man's Multitasking Weaknesses

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Here's a new thing from LG, the latest in its series of videos designed to make us want one of its new 21:9 aspect ratio monitors, even though we already have a perfectly functional monitor *right here* in front of our eyes.

The clip has once again been recorded by the team behind such million-view-club internet sensations as So Real it's Scary and So Real it's Scary 2, this time focusing on the benefits of having a super-wide monitor to do your working, playing and living in front of.

The idea is that the enhanced real estate of the 21:9 LG monitor lets you do multitasking with ease, allowing owners to manage complex tools like video editing and image manipulation software side-by-side, should their brains be up to the task.

This has led LG to worry, though. Popular myth claims that the male brain isn't particularly adept at multitasking, with modern man allegedly unable to successfully walk while eating a sandwich, whistle while going to the toilet, think about sausages while eating bacon or generally do anything other than one simple task at a time.

The video, if we pretend to believe that everyone in it isn't a paid actor happy for something to do now The Bill has been axed, sets out to prove this one way or another. It sees a video game shop kitted out with fake walls, cameras, and a variety of actors in bear and clown costumes, designed to test the multitasking power of an example human male -- and filming the results.

Here's the clip, which LG calls So Viral It's Scary:


There is a twist at the end. In fact, there's a twist in the middle, when things don't turn out as planned, with the director failing to appropriately multitask and making a mess of the whole thing. Sort of proving the point in an underhand way.