Local Paper SHOCKED to Discover Pornography Can be Seen Over Wi-Fi

By Gary Cutlack on at

Local newspaper the Chester Chronicle has shamed the town's cathedral into turning off its free Wi-Fi, after a brave investigative reporter discovered that visitors in the cathedral's cafe could sit there scoffing cake, drinking tea and enjoying complimentary hardcore porn on their phones and laptops.

The bizarre hatchet job by the paper focuses on the fact that there wasn't any form of anti-porn filtering in place on the cathedral Wi-Fi connection, allowing the fearless reporter to stream a variety of clips from Pornhub.com while also enjoying the delightful range of home baking and refreshments on offer.

But rather than serving as a warning, the Chronicle's piece is actually a handy guide on where to access porn in the city, with the reporter saying: "Other places where the porn site could be accessed included Carluccio's restaurant, Cinderbox Coffee on Bridge Street, and the new Lakeland store on Northgate Street."

And in a really shameful attempt to make its readers worry about this entirely normal and predictable turn of events, it said that porn is available over Wi-Fi when seated in the children's section of the local Waterstones. [Chester Chronicle via Recombu]

Image credit: Chester Cathedral from Shutterstock