Ludicrously Thin iPhone Air Concept Would Blow Away if Someone Opened a Window

By Gary Cutlack on at

We're all for glossy "What If?" concept renders of unannounced future projects from amateur artists, if only because they give us images to use when specs leak. But what on earth is the point of an iPhone Air that weighs only 70 grams and is so thin a short-sighted relative may mistake it for a coaster?

Aside from being able to use it as a bookmark, the bizarre iPhone Air concept by SET Solution sells itself on being just 1.5mm thick at its top edge, a size the designer has been able to achieve thanks to this being entirely pretend and not having to house a camera, processor, mobile radio or... anything. When there's nothing in it, there's no limit to thickness.

Still, it's quite pretty. Maybe our children's children will be popping things like this out of their graphene jump suits. [Nowhere Else via Slashgear]