Magic Colour-Changing Camo Blends in, No Matter The Season

By Robert Sorokanich on at

Camouflage only works when it's got the same colour and pattern as your surroundings. When the foliage takes on a different hue, you don't want to be caught wearing last season's colour. This magical new camouflage solves that problem with temperature sensitive dyes to keep your sporting wear fashionable year round.

Cabela's ColorPhase camo takes on a springtime green hue at temperatures over 18 degrees Celsius - even if they don't know how to spell colour correctly. When the air gets cooler, the green turns to brown, mimicking the dull muted tones of late fall and early spring. Not every hunter may need such high tech gear — deer, for example, can't distinguish between green and brown, though turkeys can. Still, the most fascinating part is imagining how this technology could be used, perhaps to make year round fatigues for soldiers. Whoever ends up wearing ColorPhase, they'll never be dressed for the wrong season. [Cabela's via Popular Science]