Makers of "Legal High" Drugs Might be Forced to Prove Their Safety

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Home Office is looking at ways to police the legal high industry more effectively, with one plan being to require makers of the various giddiness potions to prove their safety before they are allowed to be sold in the UK.

Ministers are said to be looking at introducing the model used by New Zealand to the UK, which demands that any company making a drug for "recreational" use first require a certificate proving it's safe for human use. And by safe, they presumably mean boring and unlikely to make you feel any sort of kick, exciting wobbliness or enhanced love for your fellow man as a result.

Crime Prevention Minister Norman Baker said of the coming crackdown on legal chemistry experiments: "Despite being marketed as legal alternatives to banned drugs, users cannot be sure of what they contain and the impact they will have on their health. Nor can they even be sure that they are legal." [Independent]