Microsoft Develops "Smart Bra" to Track Stress and Warn Against Eating Too Many KitKats

By Gary Cutlack on at

The good thing about bras, according to Microsoft's engineers, is that they're naturally placed close to the heart. This means they're ideally situated to monitor heart rate and skin temperature, with MS suggesting a smartbra may be augmented to combat stress-related eating disorders.

The test technology embeds an electrocardiogram in the panels of the bra, along with an electrodermal activity sensor to measure skin conductivity and an accelerometer to add motion data to the mixture. In conjunction with a food diary kept by the test wearers, the idea is the develop an early warning  notification system that could tell the bra's owner when their stress levels are rising, which may trigger the urge to indulge in some "emotional eating" to make them feel better.

If linked to an internet-enabled fridge, for example, it could lock the door of the freezer compartment when there's a likelihood all the ice cream is about to be eaten. [University of Rochester [PDF] via BBC]