Milton Keynes Non-Profit Saves Christmas from "Poundland Santa" Shame

By Gary Cutlack on at

The local ice rink in Milton Keynes has stepped in to save Christmas for disappointed children and their angry parents, after a separate local "Winter Wonderland" event was savaged as a rip-off by visitors and forced to close after just two days.

The MK Winter Wonderland experience was criticised for offering children the chance to see thin young men in "Poundland" Santa costumes standing amid a general aura of cheap misery, with one visitor telling the BBC that: "...the ice rink was a few plastic sheets."

The real Milton Keynes ice rink, run by non-profit group MKICE, has generously stepped in to offer locals and parents a venue in which to organise a hopefully more substantial Christmas event it calls Mini Wonderland MK, and will honour any tickets people bought for the abandoned disaster event.

So if you're fat, bearded and in or around MK, you could offer your services to cheer up some sad kids. [BBC]

Image credit: Bad Santa from Shutterstock