Music Doesn't Make Your Child Smarter, So Cancel Those Tuba Lessons

By Gary Cutlack on at

Today's research on the poor brains of lab-children has debunked one of the more popular myths about music, with researchers claiming there's no link between early music lessons and a child's later intelligence.

The research, reported by the Harvard Gazette, claims there are "no cognitive benefits" to hothousing your child into becoming a piano genius, so gritting your teeth through hours upon hours of tuneless music practise and lying that it sounds great is no longer required. In fact, there's no point sending them to school either, so the key to successful modern parenting would appear to be just making sure they can unlock all the types of phone and tablet and are aware of the importance of having a secure password. [Harvard Gazette via The Verge]

Image credit: Girl playing the tuba from Shutterstock