Nearly 16,000 Mobiles Were Left on London's Trains in 2013

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats released by security specialist McAfee claim 15,833 mobile phones have been found on London's trains so far in 2013 and handed in to staff. And if 15,833 mobile phones have been handed in, imagine how many more have been lost but not handed in.

Some people even manage to leave their enormous tablets on trains, with McAfee's stats from TfL claiming 506 tablets have been handed in during 2013 so far -- with only 290 of them being reclaimed by the rightful and legal owner.

McAfee is using these figures to terrify us into installing its remote tracking and security apps, suggesting that some unscrupulous traveller might end up stealing your identity should you leave your phone on the Jubilee Line after a carefree night on the poppers.

Image credit: Phone on train from Shutterstock