New Her Trailer Explains Modern Man's True Love for his Galaxy S4

By Gary Cutlack on at

There's a new trailer out for bizarre, Spike Jonze directed phon-com Her, in which we get to see more of Joaquin Phoenix's realistic portrayal of the population's infatuation with their mobile phones. He'll dump you for a younger model after 24 months, though, Samantha.

This latest trailer includes the ludicrous line: "The woman I've been seeing? Samantha? She's an operating system," and judging by the serious choice of music playing throughout the latest promo, we are not supposed to be laughing at any of this man-loves-OS material.

The ludicrous premise has already been well parodied by the Siri version edit, plus it reminds us of that episode of Black Mirror where the woman had a cloned version of her dead husband that she kept in the loft for special occasions. This one doesn't look as grim. [Mashable]