Next-Gen Typhoon Tranche 3 Combat Jet Makes First Test Flights

By Gerald Lynch on at

The first-generation Typhoon fighter jets are considered the most advanced multi-role/swing role combat aircraft in operation, and the next-gen Typhoon Tranche 3 models are even more impressive. Taking flight for the first time in a series of test runs, check out this beast of the skies in these majestic videos.

The Tranche 3 update to the Typhoon line doesn't add much in terms of aeshetics to the fighters, but instead is more of an "under the skin", futureproofing move. A number of additional panels on the fuselafe now accomodate conformal fuel tanks, allowing the Tranche 3 to fly further and longer than previous iterations. There's now also room for a new E-Scan system in the nose, with a new internal structure more comfortably housing the electronics tucked away at the tip. MBDA Storm Shadow missiles can now also be accomodated, alongside the Meteor Weapon system. Expect to see 40 of the Tranche 3 craft joining the Royal Air Force in the near future.