Nike Rumours Suggest Full-Power Smartwatch is in Development

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sportswear king Nike already has some relatively clever watches, what with its Nike+ Sportwatch doing a decent job of tracking workouts via GPS and delivering motivational messages such as "You crushed it" to users. But it may have a proper, app-friendly smartwatch in the pipeline, too.

According to sometimes-right source DigiTimes, Nike is currently testing a full-on smartwatch ahead of a possible launch in the first half of 2014. Nothing more is said about sizes or operating systems, but if we had to make guesses on both we'd go for "chunky" and "Android" without really even having to think.

After all, the Nike+ Android app is very nice, so it may be able to carry an Android device all on its own, plus with Bluetooth features it could hook into a smartphone and be properly smart. It's a moderately exciting idea. [DigiTimes via Phone Arena]