Nokia Has an 8.3-Inch 1080p Tablet in the Works

By Gary Cutlack on at

Nokia would appear to be pushing on with development of an 8.3-inch version of the larger Lumia 2520, with spec sheets suggesting an eight-incher with a 1080p display is currently being tested by the company's engineers.

We previously heard angry whispers in our heads about this back in November, when it was suggested that a smaller version of the 2520 was on the way in 2014. This latest rumour claims Nokia's device is being developed under the codename RX-115, with confirmation of an 8.3-inch Lumia with a "full hd" screen appearing, oddly enough, in importation documents filed with Indian shipping authorities.

The same listing also mentions something known as the RM-977, a 4.5-inch Nokia model with dual-SIM support. [NPU]