Oh Good, a Magical Internet Machine That Guesses Your Passwords

By Eric Limer on at

Got a super secure password? Maybe you shouldn't be so sure. Telepasswords can help you find out, and practically read your mind in the process.

The new project from Microsoft Research has a simple premise: you start typing one of your favourite passwords in its little text box, and it tries to guess what the next character is. It's better at that than you might think.

We all know that "password" and "123456" are bad news, but there a wealth of other patterns Telepasswords (or a good hacker) can recognise too, and if you can rattle your codes off by heart, there's a decent chance that at least one of them is at work.

Maybe not though. Maybe you are an an alphanumeric god with passwords that would bring the NSA to its knees, crying tears of concentrated shame. There's only one way to find out.

Of course, this all does involve typing your trusty passwords into a text box on a website, but Telepathwords insists it's very secure. Besides, it's not like they're taking your usernames. Lets face it, you aren't that special, and chances are that neither is your password. So go and give it a shot, and share your passwords below! [Telepathwords via The Next Web]