PiixL Jetpack is a Souped-Up SteamOS Gaming PC That's Wall Mountable

By Gerald Lynch on at

Valve's Steam Box blueprint paves the way for making a living room gaming PC a mainstream addition to your AV cabinet, but what if you're one of the flatscreen wall-mounting types that freaks out at the sight of black boxes underneath your telly? Enter the PiixL Jetpack.

A SteamOS-optimised gaming rig, its profile is low enough for it to slide in behind a wall mounted TV via a VESA mounting bracket. And though slim, it's still able to pack a mighty gaming punch, squeezing in a Core i7 processor, a choice of Nvidia graphics cards including the Titan and GTX 780 chips, and 1TB of SSD storage space.

Using an open, customisable hardware platform that's upgradeable, PiixL extends that openness to the choice of operating systems too, with the Jetpack working just as well with Windows as Valve's new TV-enhanced gaming interface.

Due out in stores by January 1st 2014, the Jetpack will hover around the £650/$1,000 mark in its entry configuration. [PiixL]