Pricey Parking Fines Make £594 Million For English Councils

By Tom Pritchard on at

Finding somewhere to park is always an absolute nightmare, especially in the city. It also doesn't help when you have traffic wardens who go out of their way to ensure you bag yourself a ticket for absolutely no reason. Needless to say, parking fines have brought in a great deal of income for councils around the country.

2012-2013 brought in a grand total of £594 million, with the total for 2013-2014 set to be even higher according to the RAC. Not surprisingly, London boroughs are some of the worst offenders - with Manchester, Nottingham, and Brighton & Hove the only non-London councils to make the top ten list.

Not surprisingly, using parking fines to generate income is against the law - something the Government has promised to tackle. But what really gets me is that the number of parking fines have gone up, whilst spending on road repairs has gone down by about 9% in the past three years. I'm all for penalising idiots who park where they're not supposed to, but at least put the money to good use. [BBC News]