Royal Mail Posties Won't Deliver by Bike After 2014

By Gary Cutlack on at

The chunky red Pashley Mailstar bicycle used by posties in some of the flatter parts of the country are about to disappear, with the Royal Mail set to remove the remaining 3,000 or so still in use around the UK from service next year.

If you're going to miss having a cycling postman, you only have yourself to blame. The Royal Mail says that the way we use post these days for ordering 10kg sacks of rice and axes off eBay instead of sending letters has upped the number of parcels in circulation, to such a level where it's simply not practical to expect a postman to carry his deliveries on a bike any more.

The less romantic van/trolley combo will take the place of the post bike, before the robotic aerial drone fleet goes live in 2015. [Guardian]

Image credit: Pashley