Rumour: Amazon Will Open a Wholesale Store Called Pantry in 2014

By Jamie Condliffe on at

USA Today is reporting that Amazon is planning to launch a wholesale store in 2014, which would offer services and products found in supermarkets.

The rumour suggests that Amazon will launch a new online service, referred to as Pantry, which will initially carry "2,000 products typically found in the centre of grocery stores, such as cleaning supplies, kitchen paper rolls, canned goods like pet food, dry grocery items like cereal and some beverages".

According to the report, Amazon Prime members would be able to fill up a specifically sized box up with Pantry goods to have delivered. "If the products fit and they don't exceed the maximum weight, Amazon will ship the box for a small fee," explains USA Today.

Unsurprisingly, Amazon hasn't commented on the report, and it remains to be seen just how accurate the rumour is, let alone if its a service Amazon intends to bring to the UK. Certainly Amazon is already experimenting with new ideas, and it's likely that this one has at least been discussed—but whether it ever sees the light of day, only time will tell. [USA Today]

Image by Mike Seyfang under Creative Commons license