Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S5 to Have Super-Tough Diamond Casing

By Gerald Lynch on at

If diamonds are forever, will Samsung still be expecting us to fork out for the inevitable Galaxy S6 if the Galaxy S5 lands with a "diamond metal" casing?

For its sake you'd hope so, as that's the latest rumoured feature headed to Samsung's flagship smartphone line. According to Korean site ET News, the Galaxy S5 wouldn't be so much a gaudy, blinging device thanks to its inclusion, but a more durable one instead. Using "diamond metal surface treatment technology", the Galaxy S5's casing would be incredibly resistant to scratches and drops. By blasting carbon with high temperatures, the technique emulates the natural formation of diamonds, giving the resultant material increased toughness.

LG is already using similar technologies, though the claim that the casing may be ready in time for the S5 launch may be a longshot. Recent whispers have seen the Galaxy S5 rumoured to be landing as soon as February, making it more likely that the tough shell would make its first appearance in the Galaxy Note 4, if ever. [ET News via TechRadar]